Bladder cancer patient thought symptoms were due to infection (VIDEO)

March 13, 2014 | by

Christine Crews thought she had a bladder infection she just couldn’t shake. Turns out, the Memphis, Tenn., resident had been living with bladder cancer for 15 years.

A surgeon recommended invasive surgery, but Crews wasn't comfortable with that recommendation; she wanted other options. When a urologist friend recommended she call City of Hope, she did.

"They actually listened to what I wanted from the surgery," Crews said. "They were able to give me options that other hospitals were not able to give me."

In the video above, Crews shares her story to help other people with bladder cancer understand just how special City of Hope is, and what their options really are.


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  • Lisa

    I also ignored my bladder cancer symptoms for 15 years. Fortunately, it wasn’t invasive, so I was able to have the tumors removed via TURBT. I had so many tumors, however, that it took 2 TURBT’s, about 3.5 weeks apart, to remove them all.

    • City of Hope

      Hi Lisa, glad to hear your tumors were removed as minimally invasive as possible. The takeaway for all readers: please don’t ignore symptoms – see your doctor if they persist. Thanks for sharing your experience.